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Today I want to tell you about a bet with a good friend. This friend is part of a software-project team, which was assembled by the upper management. The project is of prime importance and top management was in involved in the whole project acquisition process. The project did not really start till today, but all available resources, primarily top guns, where allocated to this project. They already got their roles and titles assigned, were seated on the same floor and got already their company-branded scrum planning poker cards.

So far so good…but let’s have a closer look… why do they need

  • a project leader
  • a project manager
  • a chef architect
  • a chef developer
  • a scrum master
  • a product owner
  • a test manager
  • a quality manager
  • a technology manager
  • senior developers and
  • management consultants?

This has nothing to do with project management neither agile nor classic. I think it is a common practice, to assign the best available people to an important project. Furthermore all project members get an appropriate title to signal their personal relevance. But who has the real project-responsibilty, who takes decisions inside this construct, what about personal vanities by collecting just alpha animals, what about the costs and who does the work finally?

For some IT Managers it could be very helpful to remember pieces of wisdom like “less is more” or “too many cooks spoil the broth” ­čśë

Btw, my bet was, that they will not meet their project targets regarding costs and schedule…and I will win the two crates of beer.

Image via Flickr: ┬ę by Greg Ryan http://www.Greggsgaff.com

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